VKTETRA is working in the Sydney CBD

Thanks to the hard work of Craig VK2CJC, the first node in the VK TETRA network is up and running!

Craig has been working tirelessly for a few months now, experimenting with software and hardware alike. The VK TETRA network is now up and running at a usable level with some basic coverage around the Sydney CBD.

Craig has put together a website with more information, which is available here: http://vktetra.chiffers.com/

We are in talks with Craig to get a node deployed out near Parramatta to extend the range, and to use it you don’t even need a TETRA handheld. You can access the network via Echolink node 475538. In addition, you can connect to to the UK TETRA network and converse with the significantly larger (for now!) user base over there!

At the moment, APRS reporting does not seem to be working, but hopefully that gets fixed at some point.

You can get an idea of the expected coverage with the following image; but keep in mind that TETRA was never designed with DMO (Direct Mode Operation, essentially simplex) in mind, so the transmitter power is rather low, generally between 1 and 3 watts on most units.

Due to the TDMA technology though, this allows a repeater/gateway to operate on a single simplex frequency, rather than requiring a pair like a traditional repeater.

Have you got a TETRA radio that you want to get working? Get in touch in the comments below and lets all check out this cool new mode together!

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