Getting your amateur license during COVID-19

If you are finding yourself trapped at home with nothing to do, its a great time for you to get your amateur radio license!
The AMC is offering remote assessments for Foundation licenses and are waiving the requirement for a practical test in this time of isolation.

In order to get started, you’ll need to email the AMC at: in order to book a time for your assessment.

I suggest you download the Syllabus and read through it to see what you’ll need to study, the exam itself is pretty easy, but you’ll want to try the practice exams a few times to see how you’ll fair before sitting the real thing!

VK3KID has a page listing the current question bank, if you prefer to study up by cramming.

The Foundation Manual is a great book that covers [most] of what you will need to know.
It has some outdated components, such as about the use of digital modes, which you WILL be allowed to use now despite what the book says, but the rest of the information is useful!

You can contact the club if you have any trouble and we would me more than happy to help you study up and arrange an assessment.

Before you get licensed, you can order a radio off somewhere like Amazon or eBay, as they are still posting out goods, and can use them to listen in to the local repeaters! (And other things!)

After you get your callsign, you can talk right away on the radio, and you can sign up for Echolink and use that!

Good luck and talk to you on the air!

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